Masterclass à la maison

, par Jean-Charles Moreau-Trouvé

Big Analysis of Muons in CMS - A masterclass-at-home-opportunity

QuarkNet ran a masterclass in April designed for students and teachers working online from home. We simplified the CMS masterclass measurement just enough and increased the online support just enough so that students could do the measurement at home with a little online coaching from teachers or physicists. We called it the Big Analysis of Muons in CMS (BAMC) and had over 200 students analyze over 11,000 CMS events in 2 days. They had an online masterclass lecture from CMS physicist Ketino Kaadze and a masterclass videoconference in webinar form with 180 students and teachers, 2 QuarkNet staff members, and 3 moderators.

It all went very well (and CIMA performed just fine). The students and teachers were very positive about the experience.

Since it worked well in the U.S., we would like to offer it to a wider group of participants. We expect the masterclass lecture to be on 19th May and the videoconference to be on 21st or 22nd May. There may even be two videoconferences to accommodate more participants.

All connections will be on Zoom. We provide instructions and help for that. Please send kenneth.william.cecire@cern.chany questions or comments you have.

Voici le lien à utiliser pour inscrire vos élèves avant le 8 mai, et les liens que vous leur donnerez pour la masterclass proprement dite :

* Registration (done by teachers for their students, due 8th May).

* BAMC Student page

* BAMC Teacher page

Si nécessaire, contacter


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